Phone Count

The source for this data are as follows:

1) The World population figures and growth are from the US Census office. The data was last updated on 23/12/2008 when 3 million people were added as a correction to the normal growth rate which is 4 people every second.

2) Phone growth figures were orginally derived from the GSMA web-site but they have subsequently removed that documentation so up to Oct 2009 we used Morgan Stanley internet trends reports by Mary Meecher. The latest report in Nov 2008 is here. But the latest figure in Oct 2012 came from Tomi Ahonen's blog. Why will this figure go over 100%? The reason is that people will have multiple phones each and also M2M phone devices will cause continuous growth
From 2020 Ericsson have an estimate which expands because of machine to machine and their estimates are much larger.

3) Smart phones are now growing faster than anything else. More than 10 new smartphones per second. Click this Ericcson now do regular reports which details these numbers. They tend to over-estimate the numbers however by about 30%, so we now show our figure and the Ericsson number. See Ericsson Mobility Report

4) Phone Internet data connection is a little harder to get data for. In May 2009 we changed to using a figure of 546M connections at the end of 2008 - source is IDC 2008 data. The growth rate of Mobile Internet is even harder because many include SMS data growth which should not be included. In any case growth rates are huge but also variable from country to country depend on data plans being available or not. For example Neilsen online reports 25% growth per quarter in UK. For now we double the growth in phones to give the growth in Mobile Internet usage, but this approximation will be adjusted in future.

5) Internet growth comes from AMD 50 by 15 site..

6) Apple 22nd Oct 2013 at the iPad/Mavericks release announcement reported 60 Billion downloads

7) Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2013